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Aluminium Easy Open Ends
Aluminum is malleable in nature that makes it simply useable in any industry, for example, chemical, metal, pharmaceutical and more. But today, we represent our Aluminum Easy Open-ends that have simple can knob, which is easily accessible with everyone’s hand. In addition, smooth hemmed rims are exceptional feature of our open-ends.
Tinplate Easy Open Ends
Tin is quiet hard metal that when trimmed without smoothing the edges can induce injuries. However, tin is beneficial for beverage industry as it increases the life of product. Our Tin Plate Easy Open-ends are chemical, bleach, cleaning agents and rust safe that enable them to be deployed in food cans, drink cans and more.
Easy Open Ends and Can Lids
Earlier bottles were trend of food and beverage industries, but with pacing time, mostly every processed or ready to eat meals are available in cans. However, it is our Easy Open Ends and Can Lids that give the cans their true essence as they protected the material stored from outer conditions while the design offers customer protection in application.

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