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We aim to become pioneers in the market by delivering upon our commitments and fulfilling the specific requirements of our clients. We believe in providing value for our customers money and thus strive to keep prices low by optimizing our production process.

Our Team

The pioneers at our company are as follows:

David Norton: He is the technical adviser to Easy Openends and has guided the company in matters of quality manufacturing. He worked in Dayton, Ohio (USA) with ICS International LLC and has worked as vice president and technical expert for Slac Precision Equipment Corporation, China, both of which are suppliers of easy open end equipment. David started his career working for Stroh Brewing Company which was a famous can making company in Detroit, USA in the capacity of an operations manager.

S. Sreenatha: He joined the company in 2017 as vice-president of the Technical & Operations department. Under his guidance, the company has matured like fine wine due to the optimizations he has brought into the manufacturing process. He started working with Metal Box, UK as a production manager in 1985, which is a famous metal packaging company in Europe.

SK Sharma: He started his career with Poysha Industrial Company Ltd. in 1982 as a quality control manager, the company was the largest can making organization in the country. He joined Easy Openends in 2017 as a Technical Advisor and has been guiding us with the planning and execution of manufacturing processes, increasing our efficiency and keeping production costs to a minimum.

Assured Quality

We expect international standards from our metal based products and thus have put in place a stringent quality testing mechanism which ensures that only products worthy of carrying our name reach our clients. Some of our principles that help us produce a product with a quality unlike our competitors are as follows:


Our mission is to consistently evolve our offerings and in the process provide higher quality and performance.


The vision of our company is to emerge as a leader in the market and amaze people all over with our quality manufacture.

Our Manufacturing Unit

Our manufacturing unit is fitted with the ultra modern tools and equipment that aid our employees in the production process.

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